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Want to know just how network marketing education can literally change your life for the better? Well, let’s put it this way. If you have the knowledge to EFFECTIVELY market your MLM business, you are going to get results. And if you have ongoing training that teaches you all of the strategies and latest internet marketing techniques used by very successful network marketers, you will have the needed ingredients to duplicate that same exact level of success. In fact, you may even have greater results.What I would like to discuss with you today is something referred to as auto-responders. In case you have never heard of this marketing tool, you need to first understand that without it, it will be much more difficult to be able to reach the marketing goals that you most likely would like to accomplish.Here is how MLM auto-responders work. They basically work FOR you, meaning that you can create e-mail messages in advance and then send them out to a massive list of people which saves you a lot of time as well as money. You see, once you set up an account with an auto-responder company, you will have the ability to create one email and send it to your entire list of people that you have in your e-mail list. This frees up a ton of time so that you can focus on other efforts to market your MLM business.The fact is, these automated e-mails using auto-responders will keep your prospects engaged in you and what you have to offer and that is why this is called a sales funnel. Once you learn how to master the funnel, you will be able to move your prospects through it and be much more profitable, and very handsomely, if I may say.The only problem is that the majority of people do not use this excellent marketing tool. If you want to get on board with the experts who are making a significant amount of money, you really need to use this internet marketing tool. And if you have people in your downline, introduce them to the same tool that will benefit your downline. Auto-responders will provide you with additional income, assuming you become an affiliate with the auto-responder company that you sign up with.This email auto-responder that I have just introduced to you, is every network marketer’s dream as well as best friend. I use it and cannot imagine my life without it. The time it saves me is worth the price, hands down.One last thought: if you are serious about your MLM business and truly want to be a top producer that nets you massive results, get an auto-responder. And continue to educate yourself with the marketing education, accompanied with personal mentor. Your business will thank you as well as your family.